Wyclf is like...my musical savior

i must be losing it. i have to be; i've been pumping Wyclef's new album lately in my apartment and it's like hearing colors. seriously, 2 days ago i propped my speakers up in my windows and blasted "Fast Car" and some guys outside heard it...they dropped their black-n-milds in awe and demanded to know who i was listening to.
i cannot tell a lie, i told them it was the greatest man on earth: Wyclef.

in Carnival, vol II: Memoirs of an Immigrant, Wyclef colors completely outside the lines with his eclectic fusion of reggae, blues, and hip hop...it tastes good to your ears. (it tasted damn good to mine.) 

frankly, you guys are doing yourselves a complete disservice if you don't exchange a few papers to obtain it. this album is the greatest investment for the expansion of your musical horizons...

go feed your souls with Carnival, vol II: Memoirs of an Immigrant. it will thank you later. 

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