i love

i was listening to wyclef's The Carnival, vol II: Memoirs of an Immigrant and i was playing "Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)" on repeat----

okay, it took me about 3 times hearing this song....but people who know me know i'm a little slooooooow...

it's beautiful in a sad-story type way. i watched him perform this song on VH1 soulstage...well, i was on stage with him too, but it was awesome listening to him explain the theme of the song. "Back then she was the girl that made me do the hula hoop around the gym"...so descriptive.

wyclef talks about a beautiful young girl who grows up and meets a terrible fate, prostituting to help her child and herself. if you really immerse yourself within the song, you can alomost feel an apologetic vibe from the woman he's talking about... like she's sorry she has to do what she's doing for her son, but on another note you want to reach out and tell her it's going to be okay.

this song is pretty deep, in my opinion it's my favorite track on his album. no, not cuz i heard it a lot, but because of the powerful story it tells and the classy way wyclef presents it.
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